Sirius CMS™ gives your data the ideal form

At a glance:

  • Administration and versioning of all data types (e.g. XML, images, Office and CAD)
  • Content management for all XML data, PowerPoint slides and product information
  • Publication in all relevant channels (e.g. print, loose leaf, online help, Office, mobile)
  • Full integration of SIMQIN, the XML editor from Acolada that is
    similar to Word and automatically checks terminology while you are writing.
  • Automatic catalogue production from PDM/PIM data
  • Integration into existing system landscapes as a leading or guided system

Successful publishing in the information age

The information age has made it necessary for more and more information to be created, maintained, translated and made available in a number of digital formats at ever shorter intervals.
Content management and XML overcome all these challenges.

Content Management and XML with Sirius CMS™

Quicker development of new markets with Sirius CMS™

Sirius CMS™ as a team player and control centre

Sirius CMS™ functions

  • Full integration into the SIMQIN XML editor with automatic terminology check while the user is typing.
  • Use of tailored XML structures (as many as you like, also in parallel)
  • Create and edit product information.Publish as a catalogue (PIM)
  • Manage PowerPoint slides and create new slides without PowerPoint
  • Plan projectslike in MS Project, create tasks and assign these to other users

Solutions for publishing houses around XML and SGML

Technical documentation and XML/SGML

Catalogues from and to XML

Web-based or

on-site presentation

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