In German-speaking countries, UniLex is the most comprehensive platform for digital dictionaries. More than 100 qualified dictionaries (monolingual, bilingual and multilingual) – for both general language as well as technical language – are available and can be searched jointly. You can find all of the information and support for the products in the series here:

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Product history and overview

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Today UniLex is the leading offline dictionary platform in German-speaking countries. There are several versions of UniLex (e.g. Acolada UniLex, BeckLex, Brandstetter UniLex), which all work together. Each dictionary is delivered and installed with one version.

The versions are compatible and also make the dictionaries available to each other.

Since 2008 dictionaries for Windows operating systems have been published with the name UniLex Pro. Prior to this, the software was just called UniLex.

Online dictionaries

Dictionary subscriptions work with the UniLex IDS product. Here, customers can access the subscribed dictionaries using the browser.

UniLex IDS can be used for searches directly by CAT tools with a web search function (such as SDL Studio, memoQ, etc.).


Many UniLex dictionaries are also available as an app for iPad/iPhone or for Android. You can find these UniLex apps  in the app stores under the UniLex name.