About Acolada

Acolada GmbH was founded in 2001 and has grown into a company that ranks as one of the technologically leading software manufacturers in Germany in the field of XML management and terminology.

With Sirius CMS, Acolada is one of the pioneers in the field of XML. In the almost 20 years that the company has existed, it has developed numerous applications and processes in the XML field, integrated standard software from other providers and established and optimised customer processes based on structured data. This meant that Acolada has become one of the key providers of XML expertise in the field of publishers and industry. We are not bound to particular structures, but we do support standards such as DITA with adapted workflows.

In order to fill the gap in the market, we developed our own XML products. Valid XML data can be created and maintained using the Word-like editing software SIMQIN. The tool myFabulousAgent allows the automated publication of XML data with Adobe InDesign. The state-of-the-art content-delivery platform Cobrili is available as a help system or for training documents for the digital publication of structured content.

In the field of multilingualism and terminology, Acolada GmbH has primarily become well known due to the UniLex edition. The dictionary applications from the UniLex series cover the online/Internet, Windows, iPhone/iPad and Android target platforms. Almost all renowned German dictionaries and technical dictionaries are available and can therefore be browsed at the same time. The more than 100 dictionaries from our 20 partners can be found in our online shop.

The UniTerm product family for professional terminology management has existed since Acolada was founded. As solutions undergoing continuous further development, the company offers web-based applications with flexibly configurable workflow solutions in addition to affordable solutions for small teams. The Velingua building blocks supplement terminology management with linguistically intelligent tools for terminology extraction and terminology checks.

Acolada GmbH grew out of a management buyout spin-off company of ALPNET Technology GmbH. Today, Acolada is a well-established and innovative company for dealing with XML, structured data, multilingualism and translation tools.