UniLex electronic dictionaries

UniLex™ electronic dictionaries

In German-speaking countries, UniLex is the most comprehensive platform for digital dictionaries. More than 100 qualified dictionaries (monolingual, bilingual and multilingual) – for both general language as well as technical language – can be searched jointly.
Terminology Management

UniTerm – Terminology management

Terminology makes content easier to understand, ensures more consistent translation and increases customer satisfaction. Using UniTerm, you can manage even comprehensive terminology requirements quickly and easily.

SIMQIN™ – XML has never been so intuitive!

The SIMQIN - XML Editor convinces with its simple and quick learnability. No knowledge of XML and DTD is necessary for the user. The interface simply abstracts the complex properties of underground XML through the layout view. The editor and author writes his text driven by layout properties that appear similar to Mircosoft Word. The ...
Sirius CMS - XML Content Management

Sirius CMS™ – Content Management

Sirius CMS™ manages all data types, offers unique features relating to reuse and is so flexible that it is used in publishing, trade and industry alike.
myFabulousAgent XML mit InDesign

myFabulousAgent – publish XML using InDesign

myFabulousAgent teaches Adobe InDesign to also publish XML data in line with the highest demands relating to design. It is easy to use your own layouts and perform manual fine tuning.