myFabulousAgent – publish XML using InDesign

myFabulousAgent – pool efficiency and creativity

An overview of the highlights:

5 reasons to use the Adobe InDesign plug-in from Acolada. If you would like to find out more, then please send us your query.

  • Adobe InDesign has already been introduced in many companies as a standardised software solution – myFabulousAgent supplements trusted processes.
  • Both graphics specialists and editors can interactively post process and finish the document.
  • Unicode tool: No limits as regards languages and character sets.
  • High-level layout: The plug-in supports the highest design requirements.
  • Standard tool: The manufacturer constantly further develops the software.

My agent and me! – discover new freedom in creativity with Acolada

Sophisticated InDesign layouts
published in no time

Consistency saves time

myFabulousAgent: perfectly integrated in
the publication process

Plug-in with a “memory”


An overview of technology and licences

  • Can be used alone or integrated in authoring systems such as Sirius CMS
  • Licensing for Adobe InDesign client or server
  • No specifications for the XML structure, but can be used with any XML structures instead
  • Design the document layout with InDesign templates and use with myFabulousAgent
  • Want to get started? The myFabulousAgent library uses another XML standard with XSLT

Availability of Adobe InDesign versions

The technology explained