Sophisticated InDesign layouts based on XML published in the blink of an eye

Whether in terms of technical manuals, product information sheets or catalogues, content is not the only important aspect for documents. Ensuring that complex connections are presented in a manner that is as clear and comprehensible as possible is of at least equal significance. Efficient publication therefore requires the greatest level of harmony between the full range of complex typographical solutions and the automation of editorial processes. Adobe InDesign has established itself at most companies as a versatile tool for designing documentation. The program even features an interface for automated import of XML files. This means that data from the authoring systems can be processed directly in InDesign.

Right to Left Languages and requirements for Asian languages are mastered by the XML import plugin

The XML Import plugin allows you to import right to left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi.

Outputs to Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean were also tested.

For the so-called RTL languages (=right-to-left, languages), the XML-Import/Export Plugin provides commands for creating frames and tables from right to left. Depending on the input the direction oft the text will be adapted. The mixing of RTL and LTR (=left-to-right) frames is also possible, so that special outputs can still be made from left to right.

Further information about the PlugIn’s functionalities can be found under XML-Import in Adobe Indesign