Big Dictionary/Glossary of Fashion, Accessories, Shoes and Leather in four Languages

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Author: Gerhard Rebmann
Publisher: Eigenverlag
Language: Multilingual
Edition: 2024
Keywords: more than 12,600 entries and about 77,000 terms

Gerhard Rebmann is the sole author of this trendy, most complete selection of fashion terms for garment and parts thereof, details of design and assembly as well as words associated with fashion accessories, shoes and leather terms and items. This widest ranging fashion encyclopedia is in the same time a four language dictionary in English, German, French and Italian for the frequently in industry, trade and commerce used fashion terms and expressions. Different from other similar publications, additional accurate explanations for the term entries are available in all four languages, a real novelty. The most frequently used terms are lifted out, being marked as prefered (pref.), an other novelty, and between some related terms there are cross references, marked as ‘compare’, too. The complete work, partly new elaborated and partly revised in the years 2018 to 2023, includes 102,178 term entries, synonyms included.