Comprehensive Dictionary of Industry and Technology

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Author: Graham P. Oxtoby
Publisher: Translex Publishing
Language: English-Dutch
Edition: 2012
Keywords: 335,000 terms

This bilingual technical dictionary is the most comprehensive technical dictionary ever compiled for the language combinations Dutch-English and English-Dutch, containing more than 335,000 different terms. Compiled by the same editor and author of the ‘Groot Polytechnische Woordenboeken’ by Kluwer/SDU, Graham P. Oxtoby, it is the most extensive technical dictionary of its kind for this language combination. The corpus now also includes the newly revised Dictionary of Environmental Science by the same author/editor.
The dictionary covers the following technical fields and specialisations: acoustics, aerospace technology and aviation, audiovisuals, air conditioning, automobile industry, automotive industry, aviation & aerodynamics, building & construction, chemistry, civil engineering, computers and information technology, ecology, electrical engineering, electronics, electronic data processing, energy systems, environmental science and waste management, FMS, foodstuffs and food-processing, geology, geometry and design, glass industry, hydraulic engineering & hydrology, information science & technology, IT and service management, logistics, machining and machine construction, mathematics, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, metallurgy, metalworking, meteorology, microelectronics, military, mineralogy, mining, multimedia, nanotechnology, navigation, nuclear physics, optics, packaging, painting, paper industry, petrochemicals, photography, physics, plastics and polymers, printing and graphical design, radio & TV, robotics and automated manufacturing processes, shipping and shipbuilding, surveying (and cartography), telecommunications, textile industry, transport, water treatment, welding, woodworking and carpentry, and many more.