Dictionary of Engineering and Technology

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Author: Richard Ernst
Publisher: Anja Hagel Verlag
Language: English-French
Edition: 2023
Keywords: 396,000 entries

The standard French-English / English-French technical dictionary in its up-to-date digital edition: 396,392 entries with 277,000 explanatory items (subjects fields, definitions, notes on use, examples, and synonyms) and 508,000 translations from all areas of engineering and technology.
The “Dictionary of Engineering and Technology” – the “ERNST” for short – has been regarded as one of the standard reference works of its kind for 75 years. Its first editions appeared in 1948 (German-English) and 1951 (English-German). The volume French-English was first published in 1982, the volume English-French in 1984.
The “Ernst” provides a well-founded selection of terms from the basic sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and from all important branches of industry, their raw materials, developments and products (mining, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, computing, telecommunications, civil and traffic engineering, textile, glass, plastics, wood, paper, printing industries, automotive and environmental engineering and many others).
The present 2023 edition of the Ernst Dictionary of Engineering and Technology French-English / English-French comprises the data
French-English 182,744 entries, edition 2023
English-French 213,648 entries, edition 2023
This revision has followed the well-proven principles of Dr Ernst to present the most important terms from the pertinent fields in a clear and concise manner. Again, the dictionary has been revised and adjusted to include recent linguistic and technical developments. Thousands of new entries from all areas of engineering and technology have increased the total number of entries of the Ernst French-English / English-French to 396,392. The emphasis of this revision was electrical engineering and its fundamental principles as well as energy technology.
With its 396,392 entries the Ernst French-English / English-French continues to be the comprehensive reference for technical translators.