Dictionary of Engineering and Technology

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Author: Richard Ernst
Publisher: Oscar Brandstetter Verlag
Language: German-English
Edition: 2015
Keywords: 489,000 terms

“The Ernst: Dictionary of Engineering and Technology has established itself over a period of decades, in numerous editions, as the standard practical reference tool for engineers and translators alike. The Ernst edition 2015 contains the latest editions of the German-English and English-German dictionaries with more than 489,000 entries in total.
For the new edition of German-English, the entire database of terms has been fully revised and adapted to keep pace with developments in language and technology. Outdated and little used terms have only been removed from the print edition and remain available in the digital version. On the other hand, thousands of new entries have been selected from the flood of new terms emerging from technological progress. As a result, the total number of entries has increased to more than 489,000. Each term is described as precisely as possible with subject labels and explanatory remarks.
With more than 489,000 entries in the German-English and English-German volumes, the Ernst: Dictionary of Engineering and Technology (German-English/English-German) is the unrivalled industry standard, and is the comprehensive reference for technical translators.
Follows the print editions German-English, 8th edition 2015 (249,500 terms) and English-German, 8th edition 2015 (239,500 terms)”