Dictionary of Legal and Financial Language

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Author: Stefan Hans Kettler
Publisher: Verlag C.H. Beck
Language: German-Russian
Edition: 2013
Keywords: 60,000 terms and expressions

The Dictionary of Legal and Financial Language is a bilingual legal specialist dictionary featuring reliable terminology in the field of legal and financial language. The dictionary features translations for a total of around 60,000 terms and expressions and provides detailed explanations of the corresponding legal areas. The entries cover nearly all areas of German-Russian legal and business dealings.
The author not only provides individual specialist expressions, but also typical word combinations (collocations) as this is the aspect that often presents difficulties during translation. The fact that the prepositions are also provided makes it considerably easier to work on and with a text. The work also includes a detailed index of the most common German and Russian abbreviations, along with a list of geographical terms that have been shown to consistently cause problems when translating.
Established by Dr Stefan Hans Kettler, accompanied by Yulia Kiseleva. Corresponds to the print editions Russian-German 2006 and German-Russian 2006.