Specialist Dictionary: Automotive Engineering

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Author: Jean-Marc Dalla-Zuanna
Publisher: Maison Du Dictionnaire
Language: German-French
Edition: 2014
Keywords: 42,000 entries

As a comprehensive reference work featuring over 20,900 German headwords and over 20,800 French headwords, this dictionary, which is the product of decades of professional experience and a state-of-the-art terminology database, presents authentic language usage in the core fields of automotive engineering such as: drive units, power transmission, chassis, body, vehicle electrical systems, air conditioning and environmental aspects.
The clear structure of the entries, featuring detailed information on grammar and semantics, enables readers to quickly find what they are looking for.
From “Abbiegelicht” to “ZZP” and from “abaissement de l’assiette” to “zone stoechiométrique”, this work meets the requirements of all specialist translators, interpreters, specialist authors, journalists, engineers and module suppliers who are searching for a reliable and highly up-to-date tool.