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Author: Giorgio Marolli
Publisher: Ulrico Hoepli Editore
Language: English-Italian
Edition: 2014
Keywords: 215,000 keywords

For decades Giorgio Marolli’s “English-Italian-English Technical Dictionary” has represented a basic tool for translators, technicians and companies operating between Italy and English-speaking countries. Now, after thirteen successful editions, a new edition is published, updated and integrated taking into account the rapid evolution of languages and technologies.
Many professionals were involved in the compilation of this dictionary: translators, terminologists, lexicographers, editors and experts in many technical and scientific fields. This enabled the integration and comparison of varying expertise resulting in a product that is highly suited to its numerous users. The search for entries and their equivalents was mainly based on a crosscheck of English and Italian technical documentation and the consultation of a great number of specialist glossaries obtained from companies, universities, international standard organizations and European Union databases. In addition, research on the Internet was often very useful and valuable.
The dictionary provides a very clear graphical presentation and easy consultation, well displayed in the reference guide and in the notes on the use of the dictionary. This makes reference easier even for those who do not have a complete command of English. The phraseology is also arranged according to a strict criterion to facilitate use.
Beside strictly technical terminology of classical technologies and disciplines such as mechanics, chemistry, construction science, commerce and administration, the entry list contains detailed terms of new technologies and sciences such as informatics, telecommunications, ecology, waste treatment techniques and innovative business disciplines concerning quality and security.
Despite the effort and care of the editorial team, the making of such a technical dictionary cannot be exempt from errors, omissions and inaccuracies. We hope that the users will make allowances for this and inform us of any changes for future editions.