Cobrili for publishers of help content

Cobrili is fully integrated into Sirius CMS: Publishers can create help content using Acolada’s SIMQIN XML editor and immediately output it as a content package for Cobrili.

The creation of content packages for the initial delivery and for updates can be fully automated and is also possible without CMS.

Cobrili has a multilingual GUI. Appearance and user experience can be controlled down to the smallest detail (e.g. metadata and filter criteria, access rights, buttons, search behaviour, etc.).

Cobrili saves translation costs: When accessing content that is missing in one language, it can be automatically redirected to content in another language.

Through a unique “link” of each Cobrili page, users can create or send bookmarks, e.g. to support staff of the help content publisher.

Cobrili is a Windows application and can be used both in the corporate environment and without network access: Depending on requirements, the displayed content can be stored locally or retrieved from the central Cobrili server of the content publisher.