UniLex – multi-user licence

We offer affordable multi-user licences for the dictionaries in all UniLex environments:

  1. Online subscription (Internet access)
  2. Browser software UniLex IDS (Intranet access)
  3. Download installation (installation of UniLex Pro with licence sharing on file server)

Multi-user licences allow several people to access a dictionary at the same time. In all three cases, the number of concurrent accesses is relevant for the costs and not the number of people using the dictionary.

You can order multi-user licences for use in your company Intranet directly from the Acolada Shop. The purchase price of the dictionary multi-user licences is the same in cases 2 and 3.

In the 2nd option, you will also need the UniLex IDS software. The purchase price of UniLex IDS depends on the number of dictionary licences managed with it. There are staggered prices for 1-20 licences, 21-50 licences, 51-100 licences, etc. In comparison with 3, with the browser software you are saved the installation on the client computers. This simplifies administration significantly. There is also a module for LDAP support for single sign-on.
You install UniLex IDS on your own server in the company's Intranet. UniLex IDS is a .NET application and requires the Microsoft IIS platform.

In the 3rd option there are defined multi-user licences for a maximum of 2, 4, 10, 20, etc. concurrent accesses. In environments 1 and 2 other licence numbers are also possible (for example 3, 5, 6, …).

If you would like to use multi-user licences with an online subscription, please contact us.