UniLex IDS – dictionary research on the Internet

UniLex IDS is the software used for the online dictionaries of the UniLex series.

Logging in

After entering the assigned URL (example: https://www.unilex-online.de), you can log in via the following options:

  • automatic IP recognition
  • entering your user name and password
  • the user name and password being transferred with the URL (example: https://www.unilex-online.de/pages/login.aspx?user=HAnschuetz&password=ABC123)

Logging off

You can log off by clicking on the small door icon at the top right. Logging off is important because this frees up the dictionary again. If you only close your browser window, then the dictionaries remain open and the licence only becomes free after around 15 minutes.


The advantages of using UniLex IDS on the Internet are as follows:

  • No installation necessary as access is granted via the browser
  • Support of user groups for the efficient use of licences
  • The costs are based on the number of simultaneous accesses (concurrent licences and non-personalised licences)
  • Parallel searches in dictionaries and terminology
  • Comprehensive search options including linguistic intelligence
  • Integration in CAT tools
  • Automatic data updates for the dictionaries

System requirements

  • Operable on all common web browsers. Released for Microsoft Internet Explorer (from Version 7), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
  • JavaScript