UniLex – problem with a CD-ROM dictionary without a serial number

This product was published before 2003 and, unfortunately, in most cases there is no up-to-date installation for it.

Installation fails
The CD-ROM may be faulty. We have an up-to-date installation for some dictionaries. To this end, please contact the hotline.

Installation was successful but UniLex does not start
The installation is no longer suitable for new operating systems. In many cases, you can use the dictionary on up-to-date operating systems with a program update:
You first have to install the dictionary with the CD-ROM and then retrieve and run the program update pertaining to your dictionary. You can find the program update on the Downloads page if you select “UniLex updates” among the categories and then click on the “Refine search” button. Download the update that matches your dictionary and run the installation.

In the case of dictionaries from before the year 2000, this process may fail. Then please feel free to contact us, but we assume no guarantee for this.