UniTerm – Light

UniTerm Light is your introduction to professional terminology management. UniTerm Light allows you to create and manage multilingual terminology databases in an easy-to-use and clear interface.

With term orientation and autonomous designations, UniTerm Light itself provides a fully fledged terminology database model. UniTerm Light is also fully integrated into UniLex Pro, meaning that you can seamlessly integrate terminology databases that you create with UniTerm Light with dictionaries from the Acolada UniLex series.

UniTerm Light offers a comprehensive import tool for taking over data from the Excel, CSV, TBX, MTF, Text and XML formats.

Both CJK languages and right-to-left languages are supported.

UniTerm Light is available as a free download at www.acolada.de: UniTerm Light download (100 MB).

You can start with UniTerm Light and later switch to UniTerm Pro or UniTerm Enterprise if you want to flexibly design your work environment or require more information in your terminology.

The migration is simple and, with their extensive configuration options and greater scope of functions, UniTerm Pro and UniTerm Enterprise are the perfect systems in order to professionalise your terminology work further.

Tutorial for shifting old UniLex user dictionaries to UniTerm: https://download.acolada.de/Uniterm/BenWB2UniTerm.pdf