Watch a presentation of SiriusCMS and SIMQIN or try a Sirius DITA Suite demo installation hands-on

Get  to know our products SiriusCMS and SIMQIN in one of  the following ways:

Web presentation

We set aside time to show you SiriusCMS and SIMQIN in a web presentation.
A good choice if you want to get some information and a first impression of SiriusCMS and SIMQIN.

Presentation on-site

We visit you on-site.
A good choice if you already have a concrete list of requirements and want to initiate a Request For Proposal.

Try a Sirius DITA Suite demo installation hands-on

After watching a short introductory web demo about Sirius DITA Suite you get access to a demo installation running on our servers.

Sirius DITA Suite is a DITA-based standard configuration of Acolada´s XML Content Management System Sirius CMS.

  • For details about Sirius DITA Suite click here.
  • Demo span is normally three weeks but can be negotiated individually.

If you are interested, get in touch via email to or via phone (+49-911-3766750).