Data Systems and Communications Dictionary

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Author: Karl-Heinz Brinkmann, Herbert F. Blaha
Publisher: Anja Hagel Verlag
Language: German-English
Edition: 2002
Keywords: 124,000 entries

The Brinkmann “Data Systems and Communications Dictionary” has attained a leading position in the area of specialized dictionaries in period of over 25 years since the first edition was published, and it has become an established name due to its quality.
The sixth edition (2002) reflects the rapid progress in all areas of information technology and communications. Compared to the last edition, the dictionary has been substantially reworked. Though thousands of outdated terms have been deleted, the number of entries has grown by 30% to 63,000 in the German-English combination and 61,000 for English-German. To take into account the fusion of IT and telecommunications and the latest developments in these fields, a multitude of terms from the fields of networking technology, Internet, mobile communications technology, switching engineering and communications transmission engineering have been included. Modern programming languages such as Java have also been considered, along with recent developments in XML and HTML. National and international standards are incorporated as much as possible, as are the results of the German spelling reform. Numerous technical explanations and thousands of definitions provide a better understanding of the terms themselves. There is a clear distinction made between the different meanings of individual terms where appropriate.
This is a comprehensive reference work for translators, engineers and users which has proven its worth time and again in the day-to-day working environment.