Dictionary of Biology

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Author: Manfred Eichhorn
Publisher: Langenscheidt
Language: German-English
Edition: 2007
Keywords: 145,000 terms

The Specialist Dictionary: Biology covers the following areas: general biology, history, evolution, genetics, molecular biology, theoretical biology, cytogenetics, genetic engineering, ecology, biochemistry, biophysics, neurobiology, botanics, microbiology, zoology (anatomy, morphology and histology, physiology, cytology, reproductive biology, developmental biology, population biology, aquatic biology, biogeography, enzymology, systematics, pathology), interdisciplinary fields (behavioural biology, biotechnology, biomathematics, soil biology, immunology, virology, paleobiology, exobiology, astrobiology, laboratory technology and equipment, environmental protection and conservation, etc.) and applied biology (natural substances, active substances).
The data structure is compliant with the ISO 1951 standard.