Dictionary of Chemistry

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Author: Antonin Kucera
Publisher: Anja Hagel Verlag
Language: German-English
Edition: 2009
Keywords: 50,000 entries with more than 77,000 translations

The Antonín Kucera Dictionary of Chemistry (German-English/English-German) is a compact dictionary which reflects the level of research and terminology in this field. More than 50,000 terms make this dictionary a reference work for professionals and students in chemistry, for laboratory technicians, translators and terminologists alike. The author, who has decades of experience as a specialist lexicographer and translator, compiled the entries from relevant monographs, specialist encyclopaedias and journals. The work includes numerous short commentaries and explanatory notes on the technical terms, often with additional information as to the field of chemistry to which the term belongs, consistent explanation and presentation of synonyms and appropriate cross-references, as well as clear differentiation in the case of terms with multiple meanings.