Dictionary of Legal, Commercial and Political Terms

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Author: Clara Erika Dietl, Egon Lorenz
Publisher: Verlag C.H. Beck
Language: German-English
Edition: 2020
Keywords: 160,000 entries

The Dietl/Lorenz: Dictionary of Legal, Commercial and Political Terms is the leading reference dictionary for legal, commercial and political terms. The dictionary presents terminology from all areas of the law, commerce and industry, business and economics, finance, banking and stock markets, tax, insurance, transport, shipping, advertising, market research and marketing. The translations and explanations of British and US terms are presented in context. Translations are offered for terms which have no actual equivalent in German owing to the differing legal systems. Numerous explanatory notes and comments comparing the differing legal systems provide additional aids.
The new bankruptcy and landlord tenant law and legal developments in the areas of finance, banking and stock market law, financial services, and corporate law provided especially important material for the updates.
Follows the print editions German-English: 6th edition 2020 and English-German: 7th edition 2016.