Dictionnaire juridique, économique et politique

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Author: Klaus W. Fleck, Wolfgang Güttler, Stefan Hans Kettler
Publisher: Verlag C.H. Beck
Language: German-French
Edition: 2020
Keywords: about 216,000 terms

The dictionary by Fleck, Güttler and Kettler is the most comprehensive of its kind in regards to French technical language for law, business and politics. The French-German version encompasses approx. 100,001 keywords and 240,000 expert-checked translations. The German-French version encompasses approx. 115,000 keywords and 275,000 expert-checked translations.
The dictionary contains current, idiomatic specialist vocabulary with the corresponding target terms and expressions, as well as detailed information about grammar.
Follows the print edition French-German, 1st edition 2017 and German-French, 1st edition 2020.