Dictionnaire juridique et économique

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Author: Michel Doucet, Klaus W. Fleck
Publisher: Verlag C.H. Beck
Language: German-French
Edition: 2023
Keywords: more than 126,500 entries

The Doucet/Fleck: Dictionnaire juridique et économique (German-French/French-German) is the standard work for German and French legal language. The dictionaries contain more than 126,500 terms from more than 80 areas of law, politics and the economy. Comparative legal notes, definitions, expressions and additional explanations help to quickly identify terms and their translations. This dictionary includes not only all common areas of the law such as commercial law, corporate law, business law and criminal law; it also covers neighbouring areas such as trade, finance and economics with the sub-areas of business and political economy, administration, marketing and stock market affairs. It also contains many terms from politics and contemporary history. The German-French section was expanded extensively with the last update and includes many neologisms and terms from the EU region. Comparative legal notes help the user to distinguish legal terms correctly. Additional details for ambiguous usages enable the clear identification of the term sought. Info boxes provide additional explanations about comparative law and refer to typical translation errors and so-called “false friends”.
Follows the print editions French-German, 8th edition 2023 and German-French, 8th edition 2020.