Using UniLex in the memoQ web search

Web search is a feature of memoQ that enables users to perform an Internet search on a selection of text in the source or target language of a translation. This means subscribers of UniLex dictionaries can access the dictionaries directly from within memoQ. The memoQ web search is a fixed component of the translation tool.

It can be configured by creating a search provider for the web search. In the example, you can see the required details if you are accessing the server with the user name NewsTechnik and the password Sommer19.

The “URL für Suche” must be as follows:{}
Replace NewsTechnik with your user name and Sommer19 with your password.
Replace with your server if necessary.

Edit settings of memoQ WebSearch

To look up a term, mark the desired text and then press Ctrl+F3.

In the following example authenticated was selected and the Ctrl+F3 keys pressed.

Nachschlagen aus memoQ heraus

You can use all of the search settings and display options of UniLex in the web search. Here, make sure the settings area to the right in the UniLex window is displayed.