Dictionary of Banking and Stock Trading

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Author: Hans E. Zahn
Publisher: Verlag C.H. Beck
Language: German-English
Edition: 2024
Keywords: more than 83,000 headwords

The tried and tested Dictionary of Banking and Stock Trading has been revised in form and content. As a result, the technical terms selected have been supplemented by comprehensive explanatory notes and further references. When selecting terminology, particular attention has been given to
– retail and corporate banking services offered by banks and investment firms
– derivative trading terms supplemented by numerous explanatory notes on the functionality of futures, options and structured financial products
– bank-related legal terminology
– directives and regulations on the provision of financial services and on the capital and liquidity requirements to be observed by credit institutions and investment firms
Despite the significant update, the well-proven concept of this dictionary, based on market terminology and everyday language in banking and stock trading, has been maintained so that it will continue to serve the needs of banking staff, translators and interpreters.