Dictionary on Banking Supervision/Basel III

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Author: Juan Fernández-Nespral, Sabine Sundmacher
Publisher: BDÜ Fachverlag
Language: German-Spanish
Edition: 2014
Keywords: 1,150 headwords

There is a major need for a specialist dictionary on banking supervision, not only among specialist translators in the field of banking and finance, but also for economists, business economists and lawyers whose work requires them to act as communicators in international finance and means that they must overcome language barriers on a daily basis. As the regulatory environment for banking and finance remains an area of constant development, the terminology in this field also develops in a very dynamic manner.
The entries in this trilingual dictionary (German, English, Spanish) contain information on the source language term in the form of definitions and/or explications, contextual examples in the source language, any necessary notes on either the source language or the target language, notes comparing language and culture, and cross-references.