Diccionario de las Lenguas Espanola y Alemana

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Author: Rudolf J. Slabý, Rudolf Grossmann, Carlos Illig
Publisher: Oscar Brandstetter Verlag
Language: German-Spanish
Edition: 2012
Keywords: 325,000 headwords and phrases

The Slabý/Grossmann/Illig: Diccionario de las Lenguas Espanola y Alemana (German-Spanish) is a traditional reference work: the first editions of the German-Spanish and the Spanish-German parts of this dictionary were published as early as 1932 and 1937, later becoming famous as ‘Slabý/Grossmann’. The thoroughness and the great detail with which the founders Slabý und Grossmann worked on each language direction and which still characterises the way the work is carried out today by Dr. Carlos Illig have made this dictionary a reference work. Innumerable Hispanists, interpreters, translators and users interested in linguistics have looked for and have found linguistic advice in the ’Slabý’.