Dictionary of Engineering and Technology

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Author: Richard Ernst
Publisher: Anja Hagel Verlag
Language: German-Spanish
Edition: 2017
Keywords: 416,000 entries

The 12 volume series of Ernst: Dictionary of Engineering and Technology has established itself over a period of decades, in numerous editions, as the standard practical reference tool for engineers and translators alike. The Ernst provides a selection of specialist terms from the sciences (such as mathematics, physics and chemistry) and all important branches of industry, their raw materials, developments and products (mining, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, energy technology, electrical engineering, electronics, computing, telecommunications, building and construction, traffic engineering, textile, glass, plastics, wood, paper, printing industries and many others).
For the editions German-Spanish (5th ed.) and Spanish-German (4th ed.) the entire stock of words has been revised and comprehensively updated by thousands of new and amended entries mainly from the areas of agriculture, computing, food technology, automotive and chemical engineering. The total number of entries has thus risen to 208,000 in each language direction and to 416,000 entries for both language directions.
Follows the print editions German-Spanish, 5th edition 2017 and Spanish-German, 4th edition 2017.