Dictionary of Engineering

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Author: Peter A. Schmitt
Publisher: Langenscheidt
Language: German-English
Edition: 2022
Keywords: 490,000 terms

The terminology in this practical dictionary has been systematically compiled in accordance with DIN 2342 and DIN 2336, and contains about 490,000 terms, approximately 185,000 explanations and 93,000 instructions for use. The author is a terminologist with more than 40 years of experience working as a technical translator. The dictionary covers the fields acoustics, drive systems, automation and robotics, architecture and civil engineering, chemistry, biochemistry and chemical process engineering, computers and periphery, printing and printers, electrical engineering, electronics, microelectronics, audio, video, TV engineering, sanitary engineering, waste disposal, recycling, petroleum and natural gas, road and rail vehicles, hoisting and conveying, pumps, jointing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, metallurgy, foundry technology, motors and engines, plastics engineering and processing, agriculture and agricultural engineering, lights and lighting, optical waveguides, logistics, aerospace technology and industry, mechanical engineering, materials testing, mathematics, mechanics, instrumentation and control, mineralogy and mining, navigation and position finding, surface treatment, ecology and environmental protection, optics and optical equipment, photography, technology and equipment, physics, quality and quality control, naval vessels, ship and boat building, silicates, telecommunications, textiles, fibres, tribology, lubricants, process engineering and related hardware, tools and machine tools, etc.