Dictionary of Exact Science and Technology

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Author: Antonin Kucera
Publisher: Anja Hagel Verlag
Language: German-English
Edition: 2023
Keywords: 556,300 entries

The Dictionary of Exact Science and Technology is the largest German-English/English-German technical dictionary with more than 556,335 entries, about 422,000 explanatory notes (definitions, usage notes, examples), almost comprehensive indication of subject fields, and 899,406 translations from all technical and scientific areas.
Distinguishing features:
• modern vocabulary from all fields of science and technology
• the terms and their translations were collected from the most recent technical literature
• many short explanatory notes that will allow the non-specialist user to clearly understand the meaning of a term
• terms are assigned to 103 subject fields
• indication of British, American, and German standards
• consistent treatment of terminological systems, precise elaboration of synonyms, antonyms, and cross-references
The present 2023 edition of the Kucera Dictionary of Exact Science and Technology German-English/English-German comprises the data
German-English 291,515 entries, edition 2023
English-German 264,820 entries, edition 2023
For the 2023 edition the author has again revised a large part of the vocabulary, further enhanced the consistent treatment of terminological systems (synonyms, antonyms, hyponyms, hyperonyms, cross-references), significantly increased the number of explanatory notes, updated the vocabulary on the basis of very recent books, journals, and technical articles in the daily press, and added another 2,000 entries.
The Dictionary of Exact Science and Technology is the ideal tool for anyone involved in English-German technical translation on a high professional level.