Dictionary of Environmental Engineering

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Author: Herbert F. Blaha
Publisher: Anja Hagel Verlag
Language: German-English
Edition: 2014
Keywords: 38,000 entries

With 38,000 headwords this dictionary covers the following aspects of environmental engineering tagged with the corresponding labels:
Agriculture, Alternative energy, Automotive engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Construction, Dust separation, Economics, Environmental protection, Exhaust gas treatment, Exhaust gas reduction (automotive), Forestry, Flue gas cleaning, Genetic engineering, General terms relevant to environmental engineering, General technical terms, Geography, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Mining, Noise protection, Organisations, Physics, Plastics, Politics, Professions, Radiation, Recycling, Remediation of contaminated sites, Sewage management and sludge treatment, Units and Symbols, Waste disposal, landfills, garbage incineration Water management, Water pollution.
Where deemed relevant, short explanations have been included to simplify usage, and differences between British and American usage, as well as Austrian and Swiss terms are highlighted. The basis for compiling the dictionary were environmental engineering texts from governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as scientific texts and text material from companies.