Dictionary of Automobile Technology

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Author: Herbert F. Blaha, Udo Amm
Publisher: Anja Hagel Verlag
Language: German-English
Edition: 2022
Keywords: more than 59,000 entries and 102,000 translations

The Blaha “Pocket Dictionary of Automobile Technology” is completely revised and enlarged. With more than 59,000 entries and 102,000 translations, this dictionary presents extremely up-to-date specialist terminology from all areas of automotive engineering. The entries have subjects fields, definitions, notes on use, examples, and synonyms.
The dictionary contains all essential terms and acronyms from the broad field of automotive technology. In addition to the “classic” automotive areas such as the engine, fuel system, power transmission, chassis, braking system, exhaust system, automotive body, tyres and vehicle electrical systems, the dictionary also covers other areas such as lubrication/tribology, bearings, testing, automotive IT, traffic and traffic control. Motorcycle and motor sports terms complete the topic areas treated.