Dictionary of Imaging Technology

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Author: Peter Mühle
Publisher: Anja Hagel Verlag
Language: German-English
Edition: 2005
Keywords: more than 70,000 terms

The Mühle: Dictionary of Imaging Technology (German-English) represents the most comprehensive collection to date of specialist imaging technology. This dynamically growing market includes fields such as photography, entertainment electronics, information technology, telecommunications and medical technology. The Dictionary of Imaging Technology covers the entire spectrum of this highly innovative field and with more than 35,000 entries in each language direction, it represents the most comprehensive collection to date of specialist imaging technology terms in the English and German languages.The following fields are included: imaging optics, image analysis, image editing, computer graphics, printing technology, electrophotography, television technology, photography, photogrammetry, photographic laboratory technology, holography, kinematography, colorimetry, laser imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, microscopy, radar technology, radiography, reprography, sonography, tomography, videography.
With his many years’ experience as a translator and lexicographer, the author has evaluated a wide range of modern specialist literature and magazines, thus guaranteeing the reliability of the latest vocabulary. The annex contains a list of specialist international organisations.