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Single User
License for Windows OS
210,00 *
2 Users (network)
2 concurrent user license
420,00 *
4 Users (network)
4 concurrent user license
810,00 *
10 Users (network)
10 concurrent user license
1.760,00 *
License for Android devices
107,89 *
Online Dictionary
Subscription incl. receive new data automatically
annual 50,58 *

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Author: Richard Ernst
Publisher: Oscar Brandstetter Verlag
Language: English-Spanish
Edition: 2007
Keywords: 414,000 entries

There are so many technical translation dictionaries on the market that only the ones that have proven themselves in practical use have a chance of succeeding. The dictionaries in the Ernst series have been standard works for decades.
With the partial volume Spanish-English, the new language pair English-Spanish is complete. The lexographical design of the volumes follows the principles of the entire series that have been relied on for decades; they provide terms with specialist details, factual explanations and synoyms, thus permitting the user to organise the terms factually and select the correct translation.
Follows on from the print editions English-Spanish, 1st edition 2004 and Spanish-English, 1st edition 2007.