Pinkhof Geneeskundig woordenboek

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Author: Pinkhof
Publisher: Bohn Stafleu van Loghum
Language: Dutch
Edition: 2012
Keywords: 54,000 entries

The Pinkhof Geneeskundig woordenboek is the most extensive dictionary of the Dutch language when it comes to health and medicine. The 12th edition (2012) has been completely reworked and updated in the 6 years since the last edition.
With more than 54,000 words, the Pinkhof is as extensive as never before. Approximately 130 specialists worked on the editing and reworking of more than 10,000 entries, particularly in the specialist areas of cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, psychiatry, surgery, osteology, nuclear medicine and anatomy. Approximately 250 terms were covered in greater depth. These basic terms with a series of cross-references were provided with their own search index on the PC edition.
The Pinkhof follows the new Dutch spelling and also lists the old spelling where appropriate, e.g. hyrtlplexus, hyrtl-plexus [oude sp. Hyrl-plexus]. At the same time, the Terminologia Anatomica was taken into consideration (e.g. for the term ‘diaphragma urogenitale’) and the gezondheidswet – en regelgeving (determinations of health law).