Dictionary and terminology research in company networks

Using the browser software UniLex IDS, searches can be performed on all of the dictionaries in the UniLex series and/or company-specific terminology at the same time.

Using the software in company networks results in the following advantages:

  • Simple administration as a .NET application integrated in the IIS without client installations
  • Customisation of the interface to the CI of the company
  • Support of user groups for the efficient use of licences
  • The costs are based on the number of simultaneous accesses (concurrent licences and non-personalised licences)
  • Active directory module for single sign-on
  • Parallel searches in dictionaries and terminology
  • Comprehensive search options including linguistic intelligence
  • Integration in CAT tools
  • Direct linking of UniTerm Pro and UniTerm Enterprise databases
  • Attractive maintenance conditions

System requirements for UniLex IDS server

  • Operating system from Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft IIS
  • 2 GB – 8 GB RAM (depending on the number of concurrent accesses)
  • 500 MB memory (program)
  • 1 GB – 10 GB memory (depending on the dictionaries and the terminology)

System requirements for clients

  • Operable on all common web browsers. Released for Microsoft Internet Explorer (from Version 7), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
  • JavaScript