UniTerm – Pro

UniTerm Pro is the professional solution in order to create, manage and publish the company's terminology and specialist vocabulary or glossaries. The fully functional terminology management system resulted from the requirements related to state-of-the-art dictionary systems and terminology administration systems.

UniTerm Pro is a single-user system that can also be used cooperatively on several workstations via a central data store. UniTerm Pro is therefore also suitable for small teams.

UniTerm Pro is supplied with a standard terminology entry format which can be expanded in a customised manner.

UniTerm Pro can be used as an authoring system for dictionaries, glossaries or lexicons. The entry structure can be adapted flexibly to the relevant data content.

An overview of UniTerm Pro:

  • Multilingual data management
  • Entry assistance for the recording and consistency of the data
  • Multimedia data
  • Flexible entry structure
  • Clear display and simple administration
  • Sophisticated search functions in all information units
  • Duplicate search
  • Search for missing languages
  • Design layout and outputs variably
  • Configurable release workflow
  • Use terminology and glossary together with dictionaries from the UniLex series
  • Provide terminology across the company for all employees with UniLex IDS
  • Can be combined with terminology extraction from Velingua
  • Can be used for terminology checking with Velingua

System requirements

  • Windows 8 or higher
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 150 MB (program)


A tutorial for a quick start using the system, the import of CSV data and the linking of terminology extraction:


Tutorial for the shifting of old UniLex user dictionaries to UniTerm: