Here is what UniLex can do

UniLex is the brand name of the Acolada dictionary series. UniLex applications allow you to search in dictionaries and terminology databases quickly in a linguistically intelligent manner.

There are five different types of UniLex that provide optimised solutions when it comes to requirements for using the dictionaries and terminology.

  • In the subscription version you access dictionaries you have subscribed to on the Internet via the browser (UniLex IDS on the Internet).
  • With the download version, you install the purchased dictionaries on your Windows operating system. There are also multi-user licences for the Intranet here. At the same time, you can also browse your own dictionaries/glossaries together with the dictionaries. (UniLex Pro local or on the Internet)
  • You use our browser software UniLex IDS on the Intranet. You can therefore ensure that everyone in the company can access the dictionaries and the company's own terminology via the browser. You can lease or purchase the dictionaries. (UniLex IDS on the Intranet)
  • You can obtain the UniLex app for iPhone/iPad in the iTunes Apple store.
  • You can obtain the UniLex app for Android in the Google Play Store.
UniLex IDS
 Pro IDS
Keyword search X X X X
Fulltext search X X X
Additional search options
(depending on the dictionary)
Linguistic search X X X
Similarity search X X X
Continuous keyword list X X
Search in multiple dictionaries X X X
Terminology linking (X) X X
CAT tools linking X X
Leasing dictionaries X X
Purchasing dictionaries X X X


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